A new person falls in love with Kirstenbosch …

Came across this lovely account of a French woman discovering Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens for the first time. Well done Kirstenbosch for being awared top position in the  2015 International Garden Tourism Awards. Relevance to The Seed Thief? It’s where it all begins … Some great pics here too. http://www.sapeople.com/2015/03/19/photos-of-protea-paradise-as-kirstenbosch-scoops-international-award/

scadoxus multiflorus does a dance..

I’m busy editing my mansucript (yes, still!) and got to the part where Maddy gives a talk at the terreiro and tells about the blood lily, or scadoxus muliflorus, which (according to my research at Kirstenbosch last year) Zulu warriors traditionally used before battle to make them more potent … I flipped online for a […]