Future of Spaceship Earth – The Sustainable Development Goals, Business Frontiers

What role does business play in achieving the 17 Sustainable Development goals (SDGs) set out in the UN’s landmark Paris Agreement?

That’s what I spent three months finding out, working alongside an expert team from Norway’s DNV-GL to compile this forecast report, which was presented at the United Nations on September 20th, 2016.


Talking to the heads of some of the largest and most influential companies on the planet left me feeling both impressed at how sustainability has moved front and center of so many business plans, and overwhelmed at the enormity of the task of turning this ship around.

Overall though, I was inspired by the innovation, the ideas and the energy of the   people I spoke to. The willingness to face the challenges head on, to roll up proverbial sleeves and get the job done, gives me hope that we just might make it.

Visit DNV-GL to sample and download the report here.

Read the entire report online on issuu here.


Post-Davos: The Global Opportunity Report

In January 2017 world business and political personages gathered in Davos Switzerland for the annual World Economic Forum, to discuss the state we’re in.

Where some saw risks, others saw opportunity.

Mining the Gap is an article I wrote on the Global Opportunity Report,  a joint report by the United Nations Global Compact, Sustania and DNV GL, which looks at the opportunities for innovation, collaboration and sustainability within and beyond the risks outlined in the World Economic Forum’s annual Global Risk Report.

There are amazing things happening in the world.

You can read the full article here: