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Kufre Usanga, Olisa Blogazine (March 2017)

“The Seed Thief is not only concerned with a seed. Its potpourri of sub themes include the quest for self discovery, family relationship, loyalty, betrayal and mythology – which are adeptly interwoven to serve as the bedrock  upon which the author’s primary concern of environmentalism blossoms.”

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Litnet/Karina Magdalena Szczurek (January 2016)

“There are writers and then there are writers. Most of us can only dream of becoming the kind of writer Jacqui L’Ange already is, and the stunning The Seed Thief is only her debut novel.”

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Andrea van Wyk, Power FM  (September 2015)

“Who knew a tiny star-shaped seed from a near-extinct tree could spark so enchanting, suspenseful, and intensely spiritual a tale as Jacqui L’Ange’s debut novel, The Seed Thief?”

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Business Day (August, 2016)

“A sort of whirling dance is part of the Candomblé rituals described by L’Ange, whose story picks up pace in much the same way as a twirling dancer, rising to a crescendo that leaves the reader — and Maddy — disoriented and helpless in the way of a person who has spun until out of control and who must sit or lie still until the world stops swimming. If this is a first, it is hoped the seeds of many more lie in the quiet soil of the L’Ange mind.”

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I have been blessed with wonderful reviews, but none has warmed my heart as much as this one, by Karina Szczurek. She even took stylish pictures of my book in suitable settings (like the one on the left). Beyond honoured!

The review orinally appeared on LitNet, but I prefer the version on Karina’s own blog, not least because of the gorgeous pictures.

From Pretoria News, 2 November, 2015:

Seed Thief Pretoria News Review

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The Seed Thief got its first review in The Cape Times, Friday August 28, 2015. Click on the image to read more …

seed thief aug 28 2015 cape times

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