Madiba Flowers

People in South Africa are talking about little else but the state of Nelson Mandela’s heath. Since he was hospitalised three weeks ago the nation has been on a permanent vigil. Will he make his 95th birthday? Will he make tomorrow? While the rumours rise and ebb like the tides, and the Mandela family call […]

Who is the Boy in the Stop Sign?

Halloween in Fort Lee, New Jersey, 197(?) I came across this picture by chance, while loading photos from last weekend’s Halloween shindig onto iPhoto. Halloween in Fort Lee, NJ, circa, I think, 1974. There was that tug of nostalgia as my mind gathered scattered fragments of longago. I remembered the broomstick my dad persuaded in […]

Spontaneous ‘Kom’ Bustion

It was the fourth fire to come through in a  month. The fourth time we nosed the smoke, felt the alert begin to tingle in some back part of the brain. The part that’s always on, like a radio station in the background. It’s telling you what to get together, just in case, while you […]