Big boost for fynbos protection!

Wonderful news: the WWF just announced that the size of the original Cape Floristic Region Protected Areas (CFRPA) World Heritage Site has been doubled! Read all about it here: Then get thee to Cape Town and go for a walk in the flowers.

Is Monsanto the Big Bad?

We all play the blame game. When we look for someone to pin our fears on, we invest them with power and they get bigger and badder in our minds. Bullies make easy targets – they are big and bad by definition. And, if critics are to be believed, Monsanto is the biggest, baddest bully […]

“Feijoada Food Coma”

Just found this great article in the NY Times on the glorious Brazilian soul food tradition, feijoada. (Which features prominently in The Seed Thief, of course.) It is mouth-wateringly, beautifully described here by Francis Lam. I make this dish often in summertime, although I tend to use chorizo suasage predominantly, and forgo the pigs trotters […]

When a Lit Fest Turns Into Taxidermy Hell

It was such a find. We made a latish booking for the Franschhoek Literary Festival. With only a month to go, most of the guesthouses were taken. But we found a self-catering cottage on a wine farm. Yes please! The pictures showed a cute thatched structure high up on a mountain, with amazing views of […]

After the Fire

“It was always such a relief when fire season was over. We hold our breath during the hot dry summer, with its relentless southeaster gales, waiting for the inevitable blazes. Fynbos needs fire to regenerate, but before the city crept up around the base of the mountains, those fires had natural causes. These days, too many […]

A new person falls in love with Kirstenbosch …

Came across this lovely account of a French woman discovering Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens for the first time. Well done Kirstenbosch for being awared top position in the  2015 International Garden Tourism Awards. Relevance to The Seed Thief? It’s where it all begins … Some great pics here too.