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Chega de Saudades – Music from The Seed Thief

I don’t usually listen to music while I write. But there are always songs that play inside me or around me during the making of a story or a film. These are the ones that shaped The Seed Thief.

Some of them are in the book, some are new discoveries made while I was researching, some are songs that have been with me since I can remember and have an emotional resonance. Most of the songs are Brazilian, or conjure the spirit of the place, which makes them – in my humble opinion – fabulous.

If you’re into Brazilian music, you’ll find something to love here. If you’re discovering these songs for the first time, I hope they’ll kick off a journey of new musical exploration.

There are Spotify and Simfy versions (for the South African audiences) and an Apple Music playlist coming soon.


Happy listening!

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