Jacqui L’Ange is a Cape Town based writer of books, films, TV series and investigative non-fiction with a focus on sustainable development and environmental issues. Her debut novel The Seed Thief was published in 2015, long listed for the Sunday Times Fiction Award and shortlisted for the 2016 Etisalat Prize for Literature. Read more…


“Who knew a tiny star-shaped seed from a near-extinct tree could spark so enchanting, suspenseful, and intensely spiritual a tale as Jacqui L’Ange’s debut novel, The Seed Thief?”

Andrea Van Wyk

“Beautifully crafted and poetically detailed… wide-ranging, sensuous and unusual, this is a dense novel with a slippery, clever plot.”

Karin Schimke

“A poetry-infused whirlwind of Southern Hemisphere mysticism and botanical espionage. An understated triumph.”

Nick Mulgrew